Updated Date: May 22, 2017

Tinysponsor wants to provide a safe and fair marketplace for both Sponsors and Creators. In order to achieve this, we require Sponsors to agree to additional terms and conditions that are specific to Sponsors and are in addition to those in Tinysponsor’s Terms of Use.  This Sponsor Agreement will follow all definitions defined in Tinysponsor’s Terms of Use agreement.

This Sponsor Agreement is additionally entered into by and between Tinysponsor, Inc. (referred to as “Tinysponsor,” “us,” “our,” or “we”) and you, or if you represent a company or other business entity, such company or entity, or if you are an agency representing a company or other business entity, the agency, when you use your Tinysponsor Account to contact a Creator on the Site for the purpose of purchasing a Campaign from the Creator (in any case “Sponsor”). By agreeing to be bound by this Sponsor Agreement, you are additionally agreeing to be bound by Tinysponsor’s Terms of Use.

As a Sponsor, you agree that:

  1. Your Tinysponsor account does not contain false contact information and you do not willfully misrepresent yourself or your brand; 

  2. You will add at least one valid payment method to your Tinysponsor Account before you can contact a Creator on the Site to purchase a posted listing, or to make an offer of sponsorship; 

  3. You will accept the sponsorship purchasing and Campaign operation workflows that are presented to you by Tinysponsor, which may from time to time change without any prior notice; 

  4. You are responsible for reading and comprehend fully a Creator’s posted profile and listings on the Site before purchasing a listing, or making an offer of sponsorship. This is to minimize any misunderstanding between Creators and Sponsors about the Campaign and its specific terms; 

  5. When you purchase a listing with a posted deposit amount, you fully understand that this deposit amount is not refundable in any way. You also agree that Tinysponsor is not responsible for any amount greater than the refundable portion of the listing (ie total listing amount minus any deposit amount); 

  6. When a Creator accepts your offer of sponsorship or your listing purchase, your Campaign will commence and your valid payment method will immediately be charged the full sponsorship listing amount and the relevant amount will be automatically held in a Tinysponsor-owned escrow account at our payment processor.

  7. If a listing in your Campaign includes a posted deposit amount, the Creator will receive that deposit amount immediately when your payment method is charged. This deposit amount is not refundable.

  8. The refundable portion of a listing (ie total listing amount minus any deposit amount) in your Campaign is held in the Tinysponsor escrow account until it is released. 

  9. When notified, you will respond on the Site to a Creator’s notification of completed Campaign work within the required timeframe posted. Otherwise the Campaign will be automatically set as completed by our system, at which time the Creator will be paid from the escrow account; 

  10. You will work with Creators to allow them an opportunity to offer remedies if you find the completed Campaign work to be not satisfactory. In many cases, this may be due to a simple misunderstanding. Tinysponsor is always ready to help. Please email us at support@tinysponsor.com. In the event that Tinysponsor is not able to help resolve this dispute to your satisfaction, Tinysponsor will return to you the refundable amount of the disputed Campaign;

  11. Tinysponsor may use your logo on our Site and in our marketing materials, and list you as a customer on any public lists. You may opt out from our such use at any time by sending us an email request to support@tinysponsor.com

  12. You won’t abuse the Feedback and Review system on the Site. You cannot threaten to leave a Creator negative Feedback or Review if that Creator won't do something that wasn't promised in the Campaign. This is called Feedback extortion and is against our policy; and 

  13. If you are a Creator in addition to being a Sponsor, you agree to be additionally bound by Tinysponsor’s Creator Agreement.

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