Twitter: For Twitter post sponsorship.

Facebook: For any type of Facebook sponsorship.

Instagram: For Instagram post and content sponsorship.

Youtube: For single video or web series sponsorship.

Snapchat: For Snapchat post and content sponsorship.

Twitch: For Twitch livestream sponsorship.

Video: For any other type of video sponsorship.

Music: For music, track, album or any other musical sponsorships.

Podcasts: For audio podcast sponsorships.

Livecasts: For livecast and livecasting sponsorships.

Community Event: For any type of event sponsorship.

Conference & Convention: For conference and convention sponsorships.

Festival & Shows: For festival and large show sponsorship.

Online Display: For digital banners, website images, themes, and other image-based sponsorship.

Community & Forums: For online forums and community sponsorship.

Blog & Editorial: For articles, blogs, websites, and any other online written content sponsorship.

Window & Display: For a billboard, window, or any sponsorship of a physical location.

Apparel: For any type of clothing sponsorship.

Custom: For any sponsorship that hasn't be covered from the types above.

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