If you would like to provide a service on Tinysponsor, you first need to create a Package. A Package is a service listed on Tinysponsor's marketplace.

To create a Package:

  • First log in, then click the dashboard icon on the navigation bar.
  • Under Profiles & Packages, click one of your profiles
  • Click the Create Package button
  • Fill out your Package and make sure that you PUBLISH your Package when you're finished

Please note that you must create a Profile before you can create a Package.  If you have not yet created a Profile, please visit http://beta.tinysponsor.com/profile/.

Here are several package examples:

Makeup/Beauty Instagram & Story Post(https://beta.tinysponsor.com/packages/makeup-or-beauty-post/)

A Custom Cocktail Creation(https://beta.tinysponsor.com/packages/a-custom-cocktail-creation/)

I WILL CREATE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS WITH YOUR MERCH(https://beta.tinysponsor.com/packages/i-will-create-professional-photographs-with-your-merch/)

Custom Cartoon(https://beta.tinysponsor.com/packages/custom-cartoon/)

Sponsored travel content and travel takeover(https://beta.tinysponsor.com/packages/sponsored-travel-content-and-travel-takeover/)

Editorial Blog Package(https://beta.tinysponsor.com/packages/editorial-blog-package/)

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